From The Soil Up - Wild Clay Workshop,

Peckham Festival of Community and LOOP


Creative workshop, Community, Environment
“Join Jessy Solomon-Harper and Mattie O'Callaghan for a family-centred wild clay workshop and get stuck in to playing and making. Come dig deep into the stories and histories of Peckham hidden beneath the concrete. We will be making new worlds together through getting hands on with clay processing and building, thinking about our relationships to the earth and the materials we make our cities with.”


Making new worlds with clay, participants joined us to make their own wild creatures - Experimenting with how can we make art that’s good for our communities and planet? How can we give back to the earth? How can we reimagine our city? We used the clay to model out our ideas and make wild creatures.

Sunday 20 August 2-4pm

“Jessy Harper-Solomon and Mattie O’Callaghan have been collaborating on creating workshops exploring wild clay and questions around ecological healing, regenerative materials and land justice.

From The Soil Up is part of Staffordshire St's Festival of Community, co-curated with Peckham Platform and F.A.T Studio.

The collaborative programme of workshops, events and fiestas will celebrate our neighbourhood and the communities that fill its streets. Exploring notions of community, place and belonging, over two long weekends Staffordshire St will become a locus for playful creativity and celebratory knowledge sharing. 


This workshop is also part of Staffordshire St's LOOP programme, a series of events for artists and the wider community, collectively exploring regenerative processes and materials. Curated by Lisa Darrer.”