Ecology, Research, Environment
Wetlands explored the hidden ecologies of Trowbridge Gardens, Hackney Wick and East London. Investigating wild clay and soil health, I explored the often overlooked landscapes buried beneath our feet.

Commissioned for Trowbridge Gardens Gallery.

Our soils are largely unknown to us, concealed by concrete pavements and tarmac roads; lying below, yet holding up and shaping a city.

Focusing on porosity and permeability during the ReRooted Residency, I gathered and processed wild clay, creating a series of ceramic vessels and worm compost for the garden.

Exploring hospitality, conviviality and cyclic economies that embrace beyond human ecologies, this work becomes a lens through which we can understand and engage with underground environments. 

The exhibition seeks to highlight the importance of regenerative, reciprocal practices and the relationships between ourselves, other bodies and our landscapes.